Sunar Group exports in more than 100 countries on 4 continents with its own brand and it is a rising value of Çukurova with 40 years of background and more than 850 employees. It aims to become one of the biggest Groups in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East with its annual 900.000 tons of oilseed and grain processing capacity along with experience and extensive knowledge in agricultural industry.                                                                                                                                             

Sunar Group laid the foundation of success with founder Mr. Nuri Çomu’s wise and bold investment for ginnery and paddy processing unit. Mr. Nuri Çomu successfully blends this enterprising character with knowledge, discipline and experience over the years and the Group has become one of the most important foundations of Çukurova region.

Sunar Özlem was founded in 1976 as a flour mill in Osmaniye and has added animal feed production plant to the site in 1997. Sunar Mısır, NÇS Elita and Sunar Pazarlama were established in Adana in following years and joined the group structure.

Sunar Group has a different place than other group and companies in the agro-industrial sector with its powerful features. One of the major differences is that the group’s companies are complementary in characters. This maximizes the productivity and competiveness of the group’s companies. It is a good example of this perception having only integrated corn oil plant in Turkey that incorporating all stages of production from farm to fork. Sunar Group is the only integrated facility in Turkey that can produce corn oil from corn, package them and introduce to the market.

Sunar Group, wholly-owned Turkish capital, has not limited its activities within Turkey, but has set as a target market to Europe, Middle East, North Africa even The Far East. The Group has become an exporter company for more than 80 countries in a short time and taking steps to become a major exporter company in the region. It implements its activity with “high quality, stability and service” approach and working in line with being a modern global company that has strong technological infrastructure, modern production system and quality product.

Sunar Group operates in 6 different sectors of agriculture based industry. Group companies produce and sale as follows, Sunar Mısır, starch and starch-based products; Elita Gıda, edible oils and industrial margarines; Sunar Özlem floor and animal feed; NCS fresh fruits. Sunar Group does foreign trade activities under the Sunar Pazarlama.