Food safety forms the basis of production sense of Sunar Corn, Inc. For each of our activity areas, a continuous quality and safety are the main subjects. Each department works in the scope of food safety and a continuous improvement philosophy in the company in an apparent and understandable way.

Also developing our business relationship with our customers and suppliers is a subject we dwell on sensitively.

The commitment of all our work is summarized in the Management Systems Policy.


The understanding, appliance and maintenance of the Management Systems Policy are under our employees’ responsibility. All our employees have important roles on solving the problems and on absolute satisfaction of the employees and the customers by joining the quality and food safety development programs.

“The customer is the patron” motto is our basic"

• Legal and regulatory conditions
• Food safety,
• High quality,
• Occupational health and safety,
• Most economical production methods

Our management systems formed parallel to our aims are continuously improved with;

• Most effectual methods and
• Our employees’ helps who are educated on all necessary topics.